Tuesday, June 30, 2015

6MMRPC First Bonus Complete

I've finished up some scatter terrain from the old Games Workshop game Gorkamorka.  While it wasn't a part of my initial 6MMRPC Hit List, I dug it out while looking for something else and decided to make it a "bonus" target!

Since the pieces could be used any practically any setting with a modern-to-future style, I wanted to keep the colors fairly generic.  As such, I stuck with earth tones for base colors (VGC Cold Grey, Charred Brown, Yellow Olive, Plague Brown, Camouflage Green) and relied on some fairly heavy washes for weathering (TAP Strong Tone Ink, PaintWorks Black Wash).  The bases were painted a medium brown (VGC Earth) to continue the "applicable anywhere" approach.

Of special note was the PaintWorks Rusty Iron set, which was used on all the pieces for rust effects.  The set consists of a triad of colors (a silver metallic, an orange, and a yellow) which are used in succession.  This was my first chance to use them, and I really like the results.  It really adds a nice worn appearance, and was simple to apply.  And look, I even finished the bases!

- M:M