Sunday, June 7, 2015

6MMRPC Update: First Hit WIP

My first work in progress (WIP) shots of the "first hit" on my 6MMRPC Hit List, the two units of Abyssal Dwarf Slave Orcs for Kings of War.  As I mentioned in my original 6MMRPC post, this was a project that was already underway, so it's at the top of my list to get it completed and off of my painting desk!

5 Orc Axes complete, Orc Marauder basecoated

The first picture shows the first five (well, technically the second five, but the actual first five were already complete prior to the start of the 6MMRPC) Orc Axes completed.  These figures are from the Kings of War Two Player Battle Set as a unit of 15 Orc Axes.  Instead, I repurposed them to make two Slave Orc Troops for my future Abyssal Dwarf army.  To help bulk out the units, I added the Orc Marauder from the Reaper Bones line.  The Orc Marauder has been basecoated in the picture above, which is where I realized that it would be very black/gray and I needed to add something.

The next picture shows the five Orc Axes mounted to the Slave Orc unit bases.  This completed the first unit (in the foreground), and started the first rank of the second unit (in the background).  The gap in the first unit is for a Rackham Dwarf of Mid-Nor figure; I haven't yet decided if I want to permanently attach him to the unit or not.

Additionally, the Orc Marauder is complete (and detailed in a separate post).  This figure will be mounted in the front rank of the second unit, next to the completed Orc Axes.  The figure serves as a sort of de facto "unit champion", even though Slave Orcs don't seem to actually have those in Kings of War (I assume the Abyssal Dwarves don't tolerate any of their slaves getting too mighty).  My next goal will be to complete the remaining five Orc Axes and get them mounted on the second Slave Orc unit base.  Once that's done, my first "hit" will be complete!

- M:M