Saturday, June 27, 2015

Reaper Bones: Orc Hunter

Today I finished up not only the last figures of my third target for 6MMRPC, but also the last orcs in the New 30 set of Bones I:  77045 Orc Hunters

First Look:  I would like to point out that the New 30 set only included one of the Orc Hunter figures; the other came in a Bones Christmas Stocking.  As I've mentioned with other orcs in the series, I really like the sculpts on these.  The only drawback on this figure is that the spear gets warped very easily.  The figures required relatively little cleanup, though details in the face are a little muddled.

Painting:  As with most of the other orcs in the New 30 set, I went with a winter/arctic theme.  This figure has very little that isn't fighting equipment, so I went with a light blue (VGC Electric Blue, Wolf Grey) kilt and light brown (VGC Beasty Brown, Wolf Grey, TAP Strong Tone Ink) leather.  The skin is medium-dark green (VGC Dark Green, Goblin Green, TAP Green Tone Ink), and the metal was kept a relatively dark gray (VGC Coal Black, Sombre Grey, Wolf Grey).  Finally, the base was painted light grey (VGC Wolf Grey) for a snowy effect.

Conclusion:  I can't say I was terribly inspired by these figures, but they're complete and ready to stalk some prey.  I thought the skin turned out pretty decent, and the blue kilt isn't too blue.  Given the large amount of white on the base, I wanted to keep the kilt sufficiently different in tone.

- M:M