Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fairytale Games Miniatures: First Look

Yesterday I unexpectedly received a package, which I opened up to find the Fairytale Games "Sacred 40" miniatures.  Since I've only seen digital renders and 3D test prints thus far, I was eager to see what the final quality was like!

(L to R): Mother Goose, Prof. Thorne, Sea Witch, Rumplestiltskin, Morgana La Fey, Bastinda

As you can see, they turned out very nicely!  This is the Dark Ones set, which consists of Mother Goose, Professor Thorne, Sea Witch, Rumplestiltskin, Morgana La Fey, and Bastinda.  The other sets have a similar lineup of either six or eight figures (depending on their size), and are similarly themed.

Most surprisingly (and somewhat disappointing) was the scale of the figures:  they are significantly larger than typical 32mm figures.  Below is a comparison picture between the Fairytale Games minis and a couple of Reaper Bones.

Even accounting for the difference in base sized, the taller of the Bones figures only comes up to about the shoulder or chin of the Fairytale Games figures.  While I didn't get these figures with any particular gaming purpose in mind, this will definitely make it harder to fit them in with most other miniatures.  This is definitely a factor to consider if you're looking at acquiring the Fairytale Games figures.

I've already cleaned up the mold lines on the Dark Ones set, and cleanup wasn't too bad.  The material seems comparable to Bonesium, though perhaps slightly less elastic.  The figures all come with explosive collars (part of the game lore), but I removed them without too much trouble from most of the figures.  The hardest ones to remove were the figures where the collar is inset between long draped hair (like Bastinda above).  I know that whether or not the collars could be removed was a factor for some other backers, and fortunately it's entirely possible.

- M:M