Monday, June 15, 2015

Salvage Crew Saga: SC27-SC31 Security Forces

Today my Second Hit of the 6MMRPC Hit List is complete:  SC27, SC28, SC29, SC30, and SC31 from the Salvage Crew line are in the "done" pile.

First Look:  As with most of the Salvage Crew figures, I would say these sculpts are above-average.  The real benefit comes from their price, as they are an excellent value.  That said, some elements of the sculpts can be a little odd.  For example, the figure with the sword has a bizarrely thin torso when viewed from the side (not enough to look bad, just odd).  Also, the way the figure with the support weapon is holding it is strange; both hands are near the back, which means the barrel has a very long pivot and is relatively unsupported (though this is a stylistic issue more so than a problem with the sculpt itself).  I did have to pin the sword (it snapped off during cleanup), but otherwise the figures were fairly straightforward to prep.

Painting:  I decided to forego my usual "random color generator" method for painting the Salvage Crew for these figures.  First, I didn't want to wind up with some unworkable color combination, and second, I wanted to use the same color scheme for all five figures.  As I mentioned in my WIP post, I decided to go with a near-future/cyberpunk police theme for the figures.  The uniforms are a medium blue (VGC Imperial Blue, Magic Blue, TAP Blue Tone Ink) with black accessories (VGC Coal Black, Sombre Grey).  The body armor is painted a light gray (VGC Wolf Grey, MSP Black Wash), as I wanted the figures to be fairly visible.  A medium skin tone (MSP Rosy Skin, TAP Soft Tone Ink) was used on the faces.

Conclusion:  The figures turned out better than I expected.  When I started, I really wasn't sure how the color scheme would work out (particularly the white armor).  I think the figures have a definite "police" feel to them.  I have a police drone in the #10 group on my Hit List, so if I get that far I'll have to see how it looks with these figures.

- M:M