Sunday, June 28, 2015

Reaper Dark Heaven: Demon Marbrezuk

After [literally] years of being in a semi-finished state, 02656 Demon Marbrezuk is finally complete.

First Look:  This is an older metal miniature, and the pose is fairly static; I suppose it might be directing someone (or dancing), but it's not really clear to me.  That said, there is a solid amount of detail on the figure.  I decided to go with some Planescape-esque colors, as it seemed fitting for a glabrezu.

Painting:  The original colors were chosen long ago, so I stuck with them (or the closest match).  The shelled areas were painted a brick red (VGC Terracota, TAP Strong Tone Ink), the fur a medium brown (VGC Beasty Brown, TAP Strong Tone Ink), and the scaly areas a yellow-brown (VGC Plague Brown, TAP Soft Tone Ink).  I went with a medium-dark brown (VGC Dark Fleshtone, TAP Strong Tone Ink) for the leather belt and straps and bronze (VGC Bright Bronze, TAP Strong Tone Ink) for the metal pieces.  To give the figure some contrast, I went with a dark sea green (VGC Scurvy Green, TAP Green Tone Ink) for the loincloth.  Finally, the base was painted a medium gray (VGC Cold Grey, TAP Dark Tone Ink) for further contrast from the warm tones used on the body.

Conclusion:  I think the figure turned out nicely, and I like how the colors look together.  I'm particularly pleased with the leather, as I think it wound up with a very nice tone and looks appropriate.  It's nice to be able to move this model to the "done" pile after so many years!

- M:M