Sunday, June 7, 2015

Reaper Bones: Orc Marauder

As part of the "first hit" on my 6MMRPC Hit List, I completed 77042 Orc Marauder from the Bones I New 30 set.

First Look:  As with the other orcs from the New 30 (and Orcpocalypse) set of Bones I, I really like the aesthetic of this figure.  It's a large orc, suitable for use as either a standard orc or a black orc.  Further, his equipment is suitably crude yet still effective; it implies a very practical approach to weaponsmithing, and that the orcs don't bother with any unnecessary refinements.  The figure required little cleanup, though unfortunately the facial details are fairly muddled.

Painting:  I decided to use this figure in my unit of Abyssal Dwarf Slave Orcs for Kings of War, so I used a similar color palette on the figure.  The skin is a medium green (VGC Goblin Green, TAP Green Tone Ink), and the armor, weapons, and leather (straps, belt, and boots) were painted in shades of black and gray (VGC Coal Black, Sombre Grey, Wolf Grey, TAP Dark Tone Ink).  In keeping with the other orcs in the unit, I painted the shoulderpads gold (VGC Glorious Gold, TAP Strong Tone Ink).  The fur was painted a dark gray, and given a red wash just to give it some differentiation from an already gray-heavy scheme (VGC Sombre Grey, TAP Dark Tone Ink, Red Tone Ink).

Conclusion:  I like how most of the metal turned out, particularly the sword and shield.  I would have spent more time on the figure if I were using it as an individual, but since it's getting added to a unit I've gone for a straightforward "tabletop quality".  I'm not very happy with how the fur turned out (the red-on-gray gives it an almost purple appearance), so that might be something I redo in the future.

- M:M