Saturday, June 20, 2015

Reaper Bones: Goblins (Archers and Spearmen)

As part of the third target on my 6MMRPC Hit List, I have completed six 77024 Goblins (three archers and three spearmen) from the Dungeon Attack set of Bones I.

Note that the leftmost goblin in the pictures was completed back in 2014 as an initial test for the "arctic" color scheme.  I've included them here for both reference and completeness.

First Look:  The figures required a fair amount of cleanup, as they had noticeable mold lines across the figure (and across the face, in particular).  The figures have a good amount of detail for a "horde" type of figure, and I like the styling of the figure - they're not as exaggerated as some goblins, but they don't necessarily look out of place next to those kinds.

Painting:  As I mentioned above, I based the colors off of the already-completed figures.  Since I couldn't find any notes on the original colors used, I decided to use it as an exercise in "guessing" the colors I needed to use to achieve the desired effect.  The skin is a medium drab green (VGC Camouflage Green), and the clothing is a mix of blue and gray (VGC Electric Blue, Wolf Grey) with light-medium brown accessories (VGC Leather Brown).  Metal (armor and weapons) was painted black with a silver drybrush (VGC Coal Black, Chainmail Silver).  The bases are medium gray (VGC Cold Grey).  The entire figure was covered with a light brown wash (TAP Soft Tone Ink) to make it look dirty and provide definition.

Conclusion:  Fortunately the colors turned out very close to the originals.  I like this shade of green for the skin, as it keeps it from getting too intensely green and cartoony.  I think the blues were toned down enough to keep them from being too ridiculous for goblins, and the brown wash really helped make them look dingy and unkempt.

Once I complete the Goblin Warriors (the last four figures from the 77024 pack), I'll detail them in a follow-up post.

- M:M