Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Reaper Bones: Desert Thing

While digging through a box of Bones figures, I kept running across 92721 Desert Thing from the Bones II Savage Worlds set.  I knew I could get it done fairly quickly, even with a headache going!

First Look:  I should state that I'm unfamiliar with the Savage Worlds setting, so if the Desert Thing is supposed to have a distinct color scheme then I'm unaware of it.  The figure's double-maw is neat and comes in two parts, though that made it a little difficult to get the entire figure to mount flush to the base.  The entire figure has a good amount of detail, and I didn't have any problems fitting the tentacles into the base.  Note that the tentacles are only partially keyed (such that they face outward), but they can fit in any of the slots so you are free to change up the arrangement.

Painting:  Taking my cue from the name ("Desert Thing"), I decided to paint it entirely in browns.  This thing (or should I say "Thing") strikes me as an ambush predator, so I figured it would probably blend in with its surroundings.  I also used the opportunity to try out several of the Reaper MSP HD paints from Bones II.  The outer part of the base is painted a dark brown (MSP HD Umber Brown), working toward a reddish brown (MSP HD Ruddy Brown) and then a tan in the center (MSP HD Woodland Brown).  The same color was used on the tentacles, and then transitioned to a light-medium flesh color (MSP HD Caucasian Flesh).  The same flesh color was used on the teeth in the central maws, as well.  The entire figure was given brown washes (TAP Dark Tone Ink on the outer layer, and TAP Strong Tone Ink elsewhere).

Conclusion:  This was a quick and easy figure to paint, and the paint job turned out nicely.  I like that the teeth help bring attention to the center of the figure, and keeping the tentacles lighter helps them appear more fleshy.  This was a quick figure to sneak in between my 6MMRPC entries, and an opportunity to make a little progress on Bones II.

- M:M