Saturday, June 6, 2015

Reaper Bones: Satheras, Male Warlock

Today I finished another figure from the Bones I New 30 set:  77040 Satheras, Male Warlock.

First Look:  I liked this figure as soon as I saw it during Bones I.  It's a really great warlock/sorcerer figure that has some level of menace, but isn't immediately malicious and unsuitable for a heroic character.  The figure's details translated to Bonesium quite well, and cleanup was minimal.

Painting:  I went with a black and red color scheme, in keeping with the somewhat sinister tone of the character.  The hood, shirt, and pants were painted red (VGC Scarlett Red, Gory Red, TAP Red Tone Ink, TAP Strong Tone Ink), while the robe, cape, and boot were painted in grays (VGC Coal Black, Cold Grey, Wolf Grey, TAP Dark Tone Ink).  The leather accessories and staff were painted a medium brown (MSP HD Woodland Brown, TAP Strong Tone Ink).  Silver (VGC Chainmail Silver, Dark Tone Ink) was used for metallic accessories, and the skin was a straightforward mid-tone (MSP Rosy Skin, TAP Soft Tone Ink).  Finally, the scrolls were painted bone (VGC Bonewhite, TAP Soft Tone Ink).  I encountered issues painted the gem on the staff (VGC Scarlett Red, Gory Red, Bloody Red, TAP Red Ink); I'm familiar with the technique for painting a rounded gem, but this on has a series of irregular angles and I wasn't quite sure how to finish it.

Conclusion:  I'm pleased with how the figure turned out, even if his staff's gem isn't quite as finished as I'd like.  My inspiration for this figure is an old guildmate from my days in Asheron's Call 2:  Sargonas, Master of House Bloodrune and clansman of Clan Prosper.  Given that House Bloodrune was aligned with the Shadow faction, this figure and color scheme seemed especially fitting.

- M:M